Marc Miller's Traveller

Marc Miller's Traveller

Traveller is a science fiction roleplaying system first published in 1977 by Games Designers' Workshop (GDW). Players take the role ofcharacters travelling from world to world in search of excitement and adventure to the background of the Third Imperium. The Third Imperium consisted of thousands of worlds within the Milky Way galaxy. Such a vast space was never completely detailed and would take many life times to chronicle completely. During the next ten years, a veritable plethora of gaming material was published for Traveller (herein referred to as Classic Traveller).

In 1987, the Megatraveller was published in an attempt to consolidate the materials born of the previous ten years and included a more detailed and complex game system. This edition saw violent change in the Traveller universe. It chronicled the assassination of the Emperor who ruled the Third Imperium and the deterioation of the empire into a state of rebellion and civil war.

In 1992, there was the birth of Traveller: The New Era, with yet a new 'in house' rule system which was used by all of GDW's games. The Traveller timeline was again advanced. Termed the Virus Era, an intelligent silicon based viral life form was developed as an ultimate weapon and was accidentally released. Infecting computer systems of all types, civilisation plunged into a 75 year darkness. Worlds regressed. Many, dependent on computer controlled environmental systems perished. The New Era describes the attempt by a handful of worlds to form a mutually beneficial coalition of worlds and their attempts to explore and bring worlds into a new fold.

In 1996, GDW fell upon hard times and ceased trading. As an intellectual property, Traveller reverted to the original designer, Marc Miller. With this, Marc Miller's Traveller was created in the light of twenty years of role-playing experience. Known as T4 (Traveller 4th edition), this edition along with supplements has ceased production.

Steve Jackson's GURPS system now has a well supported Traveller product line. Traveller fans have now been presented with the publication Traveller T20 which uses the Open Gaming License (D20 System).

Traveller is supported by British Isles Traveller Support in the UK. It was the brainchild of Andy Lilly, a big fan, and now author of Traveller products under the BITS label. I myself have contributed to the books, '101 Lifeforms', 'Power Projection - Escort', and 'Power Projection - Fleet', and I'm credited as such.

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