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This page deals with a number of resources which may be of use for Full Thrust players.

Campaign Materials Full Thrust Events
Competitive campaign rules v2.2. Battlemasters 2002 Participation Scenarios
Values summary for all the ships in Fleet Book volumes 1 and 2. Bifrost 2002 Participation Scenarios
Campaign map: Argolis Cluster  
Campaign map: Devil's Canyon Past Events
Campaign map: Belnafaer Subsector  


Links Ship Status Displays (SSDs)
The Full Thrust Network Webring contains many excellent FT sites. The Ships of Power Projection
Dean Gundberg's WebPages: These pages detail SSDs for all of the specific variants mentioned in Fleet Book 1. Also included are his interpretation of the hypothetical variants mentioned in FB1.  
[ESU] [FSE] [NAC] [NSL]  


Miniatures Collection

My miniatures collection consists of the following, almost all of which are presented in the gallery.

New Anglian Confederation
1x Valley Forge class Superdreadnought 1x Inflexible class Light Fleet Carrier 2x Ticonderoga class Destroyer
2x Excalibur class Battledreadnought 2x Vandenburg class Heavy Cruiser 6x Tacoma class Heavy Frigate
1x Ark Royal class Fleet Carrier 2x Furious class Escort Cruiser 3x Arapaho class Corvette
1x Victoria class Battleship 2x Huron class Light Cruiser  

Kra'Vak Dominion
1x Yu'Kas Ruler War Mountain (SDN) 1x Ti'Dak Fight Deadly Flyer (BC) 2x Si'Tek Rover Dark Ship (CE)
1x Ko'Vol Attack Sorrow Monster (BB) 1x Va'Dok Great Deadly Ship (CH) 4x Di'Tok Little Death Dark Ship (DD)
1x Do'San Follower Sliver Mother (CVL) 1x Ko'Tek Attack Dark Ship (CA) 3x Ka'Tak Raider Dark Killer (CT)

Phalon Vessels
1x Voth class Great Warrior (SDN) 2x Tuuloth class Warrior (CH) 4x Dinth class Protector (DDH)
1x Saath class Great Warrior (BDN) 2x Tsaara class Warrior (CL) 4x Phuun class Protector (FFG)
1x Ptath class Great Warrior (BB)  

United Nations Space Command
1x River Class Heavy Cruiser (CH)   1x Fleet Replenishment Tender (AOE)

Generic Vessels
1x Brigade Models Tel Aviv class BB 1x Brigade Models Barak class BC 1x Brigade Models Ben Avis class CVE
2x Brigade Models Yaffo class DDG 3x Brigade Models Yoffe class DD 1x GZG NSL Richthofen class BC
1x GZG Heavy Modular Freighter 1x Galoob Imperial Star Destroyer 1x Galoob Mon Calmari Rebel Cruiser
1x FASA Romulan V-30 Winged Defender 1x Galoob Corellian Corvette 1x Generic Space Station