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The Royal Space Navy Fifth Fleet under COMOUTFLT (Commander Outworld Fleet) is based at New Faslane in the Chi Draconis system. The Chi Draconis system was colonised in 2120 by settlers from the New Anglian Confederation. Aggressive colonisation efforts in neighbouring solar systems and a clash for the control of Chi Draconis by the Eurasion Solar Union prompted the Admiralty to establish the Naval base of New Faslane along with the redeployment of the Fifth Fleet to its new primary area of operations.

Today, it is the one of the largest forward-deployed Royal Space Navy fleets and its area of responsibility encompasses Chi Draconis and the neighbouring star systems.

Operating to protect far flung NAC colonial interests, up to 40ly from Chi Draconis, the Fifth Fleet, with the support of its Task Force Commanders directly supports the three principal elements of the NAC national security strategy: Deterrence, Forward Defence and Alliance Solidarity. The fleet thereby promotes peace and stability in this increasingly important region of space.

The Commander of the NAC Fifth Fleet is embarked on RNS Hastings (SDN-14). The commander and flagship spend more than half of each year taking part in operations, exercises and port visits to allied and friendly colonies. Commander Fifth Fleet (C5F) performs three jobs. First, C5F can be assigned as a Joint Task Force commander in the event of natural disaster or joint military operation. Second, C5F is the operational commander for all naval forces in the region. Finally, C5F is designated as the Combined Naval Component Commander for the defence of New Faslaine in the event of hostilities, and all friendly naval forces in the theater would fall under C5F control.

The primary missions of the Fifth Fleet are:
1. Defend and protect the territory, citizens, commerce, shipping lanes, allies and other vital interests of the New Anglian Confederation.
2. Deter aggression with capable, flexible and mobile NAC naval forces, co-operating closely with other NAC military services and the forces of allied and friendly nations.
3. If deterrence fails, conduct prompt and sustained combat operations to terminate hostilities on terms favourable to the New Anglian Confederation and allies.

Of the ships typically assigned to the Fifth Fleet, all operate from NAC facilities at New Faslane and Niagra Creek (located in the currently uncolonised EQ Pegasi system). These units represent the heart of the Fifth Fleet and constitute a permanent, ready and highly capable presence. Other ships are deployed on a rotating basis from bases at Albion and in the Barnard's Star system.

On any given day, about 50 percent of Fifth Fleet forces are deployed in space throughout the area of responsibility. The composition of the Fifth Fleet is shown here. There is additional focus on the 23rd Raider Group and the Battledreadnought RNS Connestoga.

Attached to New Faslane is the 28th Marine Expeditionary Force. It is composed of a Marine Ground Combat Division, Marine Aviation Dropship Wing, and a Force Service Support Group.

The Marine Ground Combat Division consists of:
- 2 Maneuver Brigades each consisting 2 Tank, 1 Infantry, 1 Heavy Assault Infantry, and 1 Artillery batallion
- 1 Orbital Drop Brigade consisting 1 Tank, 1 Infantry, 1 Heavy Assault Infantry, and 1 Combat Walker batallion
- 1 Divisional Artillery HQ
- 1 Air Defence Artillery batallion
- 1 Combat Walker batallion
- 1 Aero Gunship batallion
- 1 Aero Transport batallion
- 1 Medical batallion
- 1 Engineer batallion
- 1 Service & Transport Maintenance batallion

The Marine Aviation Dropship Wing consists of:
- 1 Interface Gunship squadron
- 2 Medium Lift squadrons
- 1 Heavy Lift squadron

These are deployed as necessary within the operational area to deal with ground based threats on NAC colonial and allied worlds.